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BT Lifters from Toyota represent a cost-effective, innovative and reliable material handling solution.
Suitable for handling loads in all types of application, including in low-noise operations and corrosive and semi-wet environments, the BT Lifter range sets the global standard in manual pallet handling.
The BT Lifter range is capable of more than 100,000 lifts over a lifetime; an undeniable achievement for a forklift that was first introduced nearly 60 years ago.
With lifetime guarantees on selected chassis and low operating costs thanks to the trucks' long operating life and maximum up-time, it's easy to understand why 3,340,000 BT Lifters have already been sold worldwide.

We guide You through the hand truck range

Our trucks are designed for a long lifetime of safe, reliable service. With carefully controlled and continuous tests we have measured how many work cycles can be accomplished by a BT Lifter. Comparable tests have shown that most hand trucks wear out and need to be replaced up to five times to carry out the same amount of work: BT Lifters have evolved over decades. Read more about all our different hand trucks. We have a lot of different models to fulfill your material handling needs.

Classic hand pallet truck

Recent innovations include the unique "easy-start" BT Pro Lifter, which makes getting a heavy load moving easy. By simply engaging the manual control lever, the steering arm provides leverage to get the load in motion, reducing effort by up to 67%.

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We can offer you a ‘weight indicator’ hand truck version, offering +/–20 kg accuracy, and a ‘scale’ truck that allows accurate measurement of loads during the handling process.

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High Lifter trucks

With 800 mm lift heights, BT High Lifter models not only move loads quickly and easily, but they can elevate loads to a comfortable height for load transfer, or to function as a height- adjustable work table. Electric lift and Inox models are also available.

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For wet/corrosive/hygienic environments

Made of long-lasting high-grade stainless steel, the BT Lifter Stainless is perfect for use in corrosive environments and application that require a high level of hygiene. The BT Lifter Galvanised can be used in semi-wet environments.

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Motorized load movement

For nearly effortless movement of goods, the BT Pro Lifter Motorised has an electric motor built into the main wheel. This means that loads of up to one tonne can be moved at the touch of a button.

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SHHHH!!! Performing in Silence

With an operating noise lower than 60 dB, the BT Silent Lifter is ideal in after-hour deliveries and residential areas. The BT Lifter Silent wears the Quiet Mark label since 2012.

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Lowered fork height

BT Low Lifter has a lowered fork height of just 75mm, making it ideal for applications using low-clearance pallets and load ledges to maximize space, whether with double or single forks.

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Just 2 strokes!

BT Lifters are available with ‘quick-lift’ specification, which means that it takes just two strokes of the pump unit to elevate the load. The easy-start BT Pro Lifter is also available as a quick-lift model. 

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BT Lifter Stands The Test Of Time

BT Lifters from Toyota represent a cost-effective and reliable material handling solution. 

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